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Play & Learn


Arts and craft experiences to engage all aspects of children's development, promote creativity and self-expression. 

Music and Movement

Allowing opportunities for children to learn that music and movement communicate messages and represent actions.

Active Play (Indoor/Outdoor)

Offers enjoyable activities for children that are important for their growth and  development. 


Will provide children an opportunity to listen to stories, explore books, and help cultivate a lifelong love of reading. 


For children to use their senses to explore and manipulate objects that contribute to the child’s overall learning.

Interactive Technology and Games

Provided to stimulate social activity, improve critical thinking, and teaching technical skills. 

At Kids Inn, we believe that children learn through play, and it is essential for optimal child development. We have designed areas to encourage child-driven play to enhance their creativity and imagination and strengthen their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. 

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