Hourly Rates & Fees

$25 registration fee per child

$10 per hour

$5 additional per child

$12 per hour per infant under 2 years old

Daily Rates

6-8 hours

$60 for one child

$90 for two children

$120 for three children

$150 for four children

Daily rates are not included for infants.

Student hourly rates are available upon request. 


This will be $8/an hour, $3 for an additional child, and $10 for infants/toddlers.

The parent will have to show proper documentation confirming their school status and will need to update and confirm this information every semester. 

Member Benefits

A yearly membership 

$75 per family

-$25 child registration fee waived

-Registration for Baby’s Day Inn Program

-Early access to theme night/event registration

-Discount birthday party rental on Sundays