Hourly Rates & Fees

$25 registration fee per child

$10 per hour

$5 additional per child

$12 per hour per infant under 2 years old

*Infants/toddlers (under 2 years of age) are not able to stay over 5 hours - please contact us for special requests.

Daily Rates

6-8 hours

$60 for one child

$90 for two children

$120 for three children

$150 for four children

Child care assistance is available upon request.


Student hourly rates are available upon request. 


This will be $8/an hour, $3 for an additional child, and $10 for infants/toddlers.

This discount will not be included in the daily rates. 

The parent will have to show proper documentation confirming their school status and will need to update and confirm this information every semester. 

*There is a maximum of 50 hours per month per child

Member Benefits

A yearly membership 

$75 per family

-$25 child registration fee waived

-Exclusive Membership Welcome Packet

-Early access to theme night/event registration

-Discount birthday party rental on Sundays