Baby Strollers

Babies Parents Day Out

This program is designed to promote socialization, encourage development and communication, and introduce babies to a structured routine outside of your home.  Kids Inn Childcare is excited to build this community here in Springfield!


Recommended for babies ages 6 to 18 months, but we can also accommodate infants under 6 months.


9am - 1pm | Monday - Friday

2 Days Weekly

325$ Per Month

3 Days Weekly

475$ Per Month

  • Yearly Membership is required to enroll in Babies Parents Day Out

  • Choose which days (IE: MWF, MT, WTH, or Any Combination)

  • Babies Parents Day Out is a monthly commitment with a month advance notice

  • Space is limited to 8 infants to 2 Caregivers

  • Time can be extended as needed daily - *you will pay the hourly rate after 1pm.

  • Payment is automatically billed weekly - Therefore if you miss a day, you will still be billed for that day.